Tips for moms-to-be ladies :)


Im back to u dear friends to post about some of the experience i gained during my two pregnancies , ill list it down as questions & answers 🙂

Q: What is the clearest early signs of getting pregnant?

A: for me.. I dont have pre menstrual pain b4 my period due date as i always have – breast gets sorer & tendrer than usual – if u have intercourse in ur period due date ur not gona start bleeding or having that brownish secretion – dont trust ur feelings if it told u that ur definitely gona b pregnant this month cuz u’ll b very disappointed about that specially when u really have a big desire of missing ur period ! U’ll have fake symptoms then !

Q: when can i do blood testing for pregnancy ?

A: u must pass ur period due date , in my 2nd pregnancy i made it 1 day b4 my period due date & it was negative! While i was pregnant !

Q: After getting pregnant is there any treatment for the morning sickness?

A: actually it was all-day sickness for me untill the end of the 4th month! Believe me if u r my type nothing will kill this pain! U can minimize it by :
– ondasetron tablet : 15 tablets cost around 28 kd but it worths
– cold fresh milk is not bad
– whenever u felt like want 2vomit .. Do it!
– dont eat much & keep away from spicy food
– fill ur stomach with crackers 🙂 !

Q: how to induce the labour in the ninth month ?

A: cinnamon.. Walking on beach sand .. Castor oil .. god none of them was useful 4me, i think only having intercourse & walking any where could b effective lil bit .. !
At the end i had an artificial induction when i passed my delivery due date ; ) cuz until that day i didnt have any real signs of getting in labour nor any real untolerable contructions!

I’ll b back with more Q & A 😉
And will b glad to get Q from u 🙂

Note: im not specialist .. Im not a doctor .. Im only sharing what i’ve been through with u 🙂

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