Mochi ice cream – 360 mall

What is a mochi ice cream ?

“Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling.” 🙂


Today i had tried the mochi ice cream in coffee republic at 360 mall ( at last ;))
My passion to it started from watching the charactets ( as maroko hhhh ) in the japanese anime eating the japanese rice that looks like a 1 fist of sticky pounded rice 🙂 i was always wondering how it tastes and some how i thought this mochi ice cream is gonna solve the mystery for me 🙂
But then.. I found the taste is yummy but not … Extraordinarily 😉 !!
They offer many flavors listed below


For me i chose 1 piece of the mango mochi and 1 of the blueberry ( my stomach was full cuz i had my breakfast first :p ). .. Btw, if u r wondering about the size of a single piece.. Its only a dome with a diameter that is equal to 3 – 4 cm. ;p !!


That was my story with the mochi..

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