Chocolate-drops review

Yesterday i’ve ordered a coffee sweet box from ” chocolate drops ” that was featured in many blogs.. I gave it a try and it was … Yummmy 🙂 most of the chocolate pieces are stuffed with a some thing juicy, it melts in ur mouth 😉
My order was :

Mix of coffee chocolate (72 pcs)
Price : 10.000 kd
Taste : all pcs were yummy nothing was horrible hhhh
Would order again : yes sure 🙂

Btw, their menu also extends to cheese cake cups and tarte 🙂

Site link :
Free delivery number : 99262294

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2 Responses to Chocolate-drops review

  1. Faisal says:

    i was try it, was yammy as well as you said, it was featuered from everything BOXES & CHOCOLATE i really love it.

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