How About Watching Some Horror !

Well =) our post today is not VERY Delightful as i stated in the header above ;p 

I just barely woke up today to go to my work, after I dressed up and every thing, I went to the parking and the weather was WOW ! it makes u sweating like a Dull Hippopotamus!! and guess what then.. i couldn’t start my car! i went upstairs and got the spare key but still doesn’t work (usually i turn it on using the key!) 

Any way I was glad to call my boss and ask for 1 day off ;p ( zalga b6ai7a) specially today is the first day of the holly Ramadan =) 

so i thought to watch a film ( Rinne 2005 ) ..a horror film in the morning hhh =)  here is the poster 

Rein 2005 





As you can see the film is not one of the 2010 top ten ;p but it was interesting and I enjoyed watching it =)

You can download the film with your torrent downloader from here, the subtitle from here and get a brief summery and reviews about it from here 

Enjoy 😉


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